We work with all types of media. M4R will directly add value to your bottom line.  Our model is significantly more efficient than the traditional inventory/media buying process.

Since 1993 UK barter trade companies have been trying to convince you that they have been exchanging your airtime, space or sponsorships for goods or services supplied by their clients.

As you probably know this is a myth and most corporate media trades are based on the clients paying either close to or the full 100% of the purchase of media, space or sponsorship by bank transfer not stock. All this does is reduces the cash expenditure of the client with you.

As you can see the M4R model is different. We can provide you with goods and services in exchange for your media. Our retail clients will always pay for this media with their own retail vouchers or gift cards. Media is perishable and unsold media is lost revenue forever.

Is it time for change? 

M4R Media Inventory Trading…   Authentic, Refreshing & Real

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